Successful Girl in Rococo Era as Miss.Rilly

It is the era 'rococo' in 18 century. There were a lot of pretentious people who like show off their richness by just showing expensive things. Especially, the wig is the best way as big as possible for this. So, Miss Rilly have a lot of elements like a pineapple man (It is not a ‘DELMONT’ pineapple but ‘MONTESORI’ one), a pirate ship(, a parrot (he likes to show off his ‘scream’ look, but it is a fake brand), a god of sun (he has millions of emotions and express easily), a bottle of beer (it is a all in one package with boiled eggs, chicken and beer), the church of love (people would like to go there to see rich guy or pretty women) and SG bag (she is the most luxury outfit for Miss. Rilly).